Eugene is an artist from the town of Beaumont, in the city of Dublin Ireland. He started his training at Brushstrokes Art Studio at thirteen years old. Later he became a student at the BCFE (Ballfermot College of Further Education). During these years of training and self-discovery as an artist and creator he also became a teacher. He opened ArtMasters Studios at seventeen years of age (Whilst still in training at Brushstrokes) and taught art to those wanting to discover their inner-artist, and helped stretch the imagination and skills of experienced artists. 

He is a realist painter that from the beginning of his training was able to work in the field of marketing for local bands and events providing flyers and Posters. He also produced commissioned work in portraiture and a variety of other subject matters. He has explored a wide spectrum of mediums; oil, acrylic, watercolour, ink, pencil, charcoal and pastel.

Whilst attending BCFE Eugene founded Wolfman Productions Ireland (later renamed Wolfman Productions International when he moved to America). WPI was started as a indie comic publisher that gained recognition from local and national press for its writing and artistic talents. It published the anthology comic Havoc 21, four issues in Ireland and further three in the U.S. Eugene was Editor-in-chief, publisher, artist and writer plus (during these years he added the skills of) graphic designer. He worked with a team of over twenty talented illustrators, inkers, graphic designers, painters and  writers. For nineteen years he devoted his talents and time to promote, produce and publish an Irish independent comic. He continued to teach, to paint on commission and promote both himself and those he worked with. In 2014 he closed down WPI as a publisher to focus on his solo work; he is currently focused on his first solo exhibition in the U.S. as a landscape painter.